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The Reincarnated

The Kings of Queen are the hottest Queen tribute in the country, if not the world. Given that he’s been dubbed as the reincarnated Freddie Mercury, frontman Emo Alaeddin is quite the spectacle.

Although there may be others, no other Queen tribute comes close to The Kings of Queen.

Equally important to sounding like Queen, the frontman Emo Alaeddin has a striking resemblance to Freddie Mercury.

The Man Up Front

In addition, Alaeddin’s vocal tone and range makes the live shows just like the real thing. Equally important to his vocals and looks are the costumes, which Alaeddin is known to change up to four times in one performance. After all, when it comes to stepping into the shoes of the greatest rockstar ever to walk the earth, covering every base is of the utmost importance. Moreover, a live experience of The Kings of Queen is the reason they have sold out venues and festivals time and time again since their formation in 2021.

The Concerts

In just their first year, The Kings of Queen have performed at the most reputable venues throughout the United States. Their coverage includes Northern California, Nashville, Utah, Las Vegas and all over their home base of SoCal. Namely, their festivals include the Murietta Bash that hosted more than 5 thousand attendees. Moreover,  their most notable venues include the famous Virgin Hotel and House of Blues in Las Vegas. Check their Tour Schedule to catch them soon by clicking the button below.

Just Like the Record

Despite the numerous voices on Queen records, The Kings of Queen possess the ability to bring the 4-part harmonies live to the stage. Consequently, this transforms to the live performance into a showcase matching the recorded treasures.

Based in Orange County, CA, The Kings of Queen perform all of their vocal and instrumental parts live without any need for overdubs or vocal tracks.

With all of this in mind, don’t miss out on an opportunity to relive the magic of Freddie Mercury and Queen.

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